Sweet Annoucmenet ♥️

so much fun capturing this very sweet announcement! ♥️ 

Happy First Birthday Braxton!

How is it possible this sweet child is already ONE?!!!!!! Where on earth does the time go?! Sweet Braxton, you are SO loved + it's been the biggest joy to watch you grow right in front of my camera. Happy FIRST Birthday Braxton Michael, Auntie Em loves you so much! :0

A short trip down memory lane to his PRECIOUS newborn photos: here


Happy 1st Birthday Wynn!

Can't believe this little man is already ONE! It's been so much fun watching him grow! 

Happy 1st Birthday Grant!

This is so crazy to even be typing, I remember the day Grant was born like it was yesterday! It was a honor to photograph his birth, and his entire first year. 

Happy 1st Birthday Grant Michael, we love you so much!