Housewarming 4th of July!

Bryan, Indy and I were showered with LOTS of love and laughter in our NEW home! What a FUN weekend with family, friends, and neighbors. (We have the best neighbors EVER!) We also want to THANK my Papa for his beautiful Prayer over our home, I cried. a lot. Enjoy the Prayer and some fun pictures! :)

House Blessing Prayer

Creator God
Life is truly your gift to us and
Love binds us together as family and friend
To enjoy and celebrate primary moments in our lives.

We thank you for Emilie and Bryan
For the friendship they have formed
For their partnership which led to the purchase of this home
For their desire to seek Your blessing 
For their life together
For the home they share
For their beloved Indy whose companionship is a special joy.

Bless this house and the land that surrounds it
Bless their life together and all who cross it's threshold
May their hospitality to family and friend reflect
Your providential care.

Let this home be a sanctuary for
Quiet rest
For comfort and renewal
For forgiveness and grace
For nurture and hope

Let this dwelling place be a place of
Health and healing
Of protection and welcome
Of shared burdens and shared purpose
Of sacred dreams and future promise.

For this we pray in the spirit of Christ our Lord.  Amen.
-Nathan Brooks, July 5th, 2014